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About Us

Tigertown Enterprises is located in Republic, Washington. Founded in 2003, we serve the painting, handyman, and design needs of Ferry County. We are Mike Jager and Jim Milner, two guys with diverse and complementary skills in construction and maintenance, and a shared passion for doing things right and for working way too hard. Both of us currently have full-time day jobs. Tigertown fills our spare time in the evenings and on weekends, allowing us to survive and to help people in the wilds of NE Washington.

Mike Jager

Mike Jager Mike is the maintenance manager at the Ferry County Public Hospital District, as well as serving as groundskeeper and gravedigger at the Republic cemetery. In the past he also worked as an Associate Pastor. He has many years of experience in painting houses, and in maintaining and managing apartments. He has worked in maintenance at the hospital for ten years.

In his spare time Mike coaches Republic Little Guy wrestling, organizes the Prospectors’ Days horseshoe tournament, and assists with the parade and other logistics of Prospectors’ Days.

Jim Milner

Jim Milner Jim works in the information technologies department at FCPHD. He also has worked at the hospital for ten years. His first four years were in the maintenance department. The last six years he has worked in IT, designing and managing the hospital website, creating advertising for print, and doing other fun computer geek stuff. Prior to moving to Republic from Portland, he spent 17 years as a roofer, and learned remodeling skills along the way. Since moving here he has learned how to core drill, drive a schoolbus, heat with wood, and operate a computerized medical simulator. At the hospital he has done such diverse projects as designing the FCPHD logo and building the receptionist desk in the front lobby.

The current president of the Republic Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Prospectors’ Days committee, and vice-president of Ferry County Search and Rescue, Jim is involved in many community events and groups. He is passionate about economic development and tourism, and community disaster preparedness.